Phase 2 study of a new monoclonal antibody targeting inflammatory pathways in PSC

Dear Colleagues,
We are currently recruiting to a phase 2 study of a new monoclonal antibody targeting inflammatory pathways in PSC.
Given the lack of effective treatments, and the relative rarity of PSC we are keen to cast our net as widely as possible.
In addition, the inclusion criteria are difficult, with a combination of raised ALP but not cirrhotic, and with IBD quiescent/controlled without biologics, and stable meds without recent cholangitis. Its proving pretty challenging.
I'd be grateful if you would consider whether any of your patients may be suitable. 
Expenses for travel are reimbursed and there is also a small stipend (£99) for each study visit.
I've attached a summary of the inclusion/exclusion criteria and study design, along with the patient information leaflet.
Please email me regarding any patients who are interested - we will arrange a telephone call in the first instance and bring them up for screening if appropriate.
many thanks for considering,
Dr Stephen Barclay
Consultant Gastroenterologist
Glasgow Royal Infirmary
t: 0141 201 6383

The UK PBC Audit, supported by the BSG, BASL and the PBC Foundation

Dear Colleagues, 

It would be fantastic if you could consider involvement in The UK PBC Audit.

Not only is this a chance for us to remember that there is a world beyond COVID; but also it is an opportunity for the Scots to show the rest of the UK how it is done! 
…..the committee are particularly interested in the impact our differing prescribing pathways for obeticholic acid impact on outcome…

The audit has already collected data on 2500 patients from 60 NHS Trusts/Health Boards in just 5 months!
Target patient group: all patients with a confirmed diagnosis of PBC or PBC-AIH overlap syndrome, who are under follow-up at the participating centre at the time of data collection. 
All NHS Hospitals are welcome.
The audit has the potential to make a real difference to patients! If interested please see the website (UK PBC Audit – UK-PBC) or email (

Best wishes
Jo Leithead, Consultant Hepatologist, Forth Valley Royal Hospital
Scottish representative on the audit steering committee


The BSG/BASL/NHSBT UK wide Acute Upper GI Bleeding Audit starts 3rd May! 

The 2022 UK Acute Upper GI Bleeding Audit is due to start shortly! 3rd May-2nd July 2022.
The audit follows on from the previous highly successful 2007 audit, which collected data on >6000 patients from 208 participating hospitals.  
Key goals this time round include:
Emergency endoscopy, transfusion, interventional radiology and surgery availability and utilisation.
Machine learning in risk assessment. 
The involvement of trainees in the management of GI haemorrhage.
This is a hugely important piece of work – and we welcome you all on board! 
To register you interest to participate please click here:  
UK wide Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Audit - The British Society of Gastroenterology (