COVID-19 - Guidance for Previously Shielding Patients

The Scottish Government has been refining its guidance for previously shielding patients now that it is coming to an end and has also issued guidance for patients to return to work. These have been published on their website.  There are two pages most relevant to gastroenterologists – one is new advice for patients on immunosuppressants (and so is relevant to dermatology and rheumatology) and the other is some return to work guidance. This is pragmatic guidance and reflects the reduced incidence in the community. It offers a useful template for discussions about return to work.


Sengstaken Protocol:

Please see the following reference information for the use of Sengstaken. This information is hosted by the SSG but not endorsed by the SSG. This is considered as good clinical practice for NHS Lothian.

NICE Guidance:

Nivolumab for previously treated unresectable advanced or recurrent oesophageal cancer