New candidates for membership should be proposed by a member of the society and seconded by another member of the society, using the membership form below. Membership will usually be approved at the next business meeting of the Society. Membership of the Society will be inclusive rather than exclusive.

Any health care professional of good standing, with a proven bona fide interest in gastrointestinal disease, will be eligible to attend the Society’s meetings and become a member of the Society subject to appropriate nomination and approval. The Society will be open to any doctor with an interest in gastroenterology and also to GI technicians, nurses and dieticians whose practise involves a significant component of gastrointestinal medicine. Subscriptions are £40 per year for consultants and £20 per year for all non-medical members and trainee doctors.

You can join by completing the membership form below.  Please complete the membership application form and send it to the SSG administrator: Stephanie Hough, Society Administrator by email to

For any queries contact: