SSG Trainee Research Network

For those of you who weren’t able to make the meeting in Dunblane, we wanted to make sure that you were aware of our plans for a trainee research network and had the opportunity to be involved if you wished. I have attached the slides that we used on Thursday. Trainee research networks are a great opportunity to collaborate with other trainees, and would give the opportunity to be involved in research regardless of how ‘research active’ your current place of work is. We have a lot of support from SSG and consultant colleagues to take this forward, but it is very much a trainee initiative. We are looking for interested trainees (no research experience necessary) to sit on the committee and help establish the network. The idea is that we would support a couple of trainee projects a year, and any resulting posters/publications would have a few named authors who were more heavily involved, but umbrella authorship of the network (all gastro registrars in Scotland would have the option to be a member of the network). There are some funding options via BSG and Guts UK etc as well. This is great opportunity to be involved at the start of something, ticking those ‘leadership and management’ boxes, helping to develop the network as you want to see it run, and ultimately to hopefully produce some really good quality Scotland wide research output. 

If you are interested please email us by the 7th of January 2022. We will set a Teams meeting the following week to discuss and hopefully allocate committee roles and schedule future meetings.  

Please contact if you would like more information.



Contact of current trainees/consultants who have undergone specific career paths and are happy to advise peers on in these areas:

Dr Natasha McDonald
Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatology at RAH, Paisley
Topic of interest: Transition from Registrar to Consultant; hepatology

Dr Gareth Rhys Jones
Consultant Gastroenterologist and Lecturer at Univesity of Edinburgh
Topic of interest: Accademic consultant jobs, IBD and immunology research

Dr Paul Brennan
SCRED GI registrar University of Dundee
Topic of Interest: SCRED jobs and hepatology clinical research

Dr Mhairi Donnelly
Gastroenterology Registrar, Liver Fellow at SLTU Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
Topic of Interest: Liver year, Hepatology clinical Research

Dr Alexandra Thompson
Gastroenterology Registrar, Liver Fellow at Freeman Hospital, NewCastle
Topic  of Interest: Liver year, hepatology basic science research

Dr Ruairi Lynch
Gastroenterology Registrar and Lecturer at University of Edinburgh
Topic of Interest:  hepatology basic science research, ECAT

Dr Rosie Haddock
Gastroenterology Registrar in West of Scotland
Topic of Interest: LTFT (professional athlete)

Dr Sarah Minnis-Lyons
Gastroenterology Registrar in South  East of Scotland
Topic of Interest: LTFT and liver research

Dr Eliana Saffuri
Gastroenterology Registrar and Advance Endoscopy Fellow at GRI
Topic of Interest: advance endoscopy

Dr Gillian Leggett
Gastroenterology Registrar in ARI and former Clinical Fellow at multivisceral transplant centre Cambridge University hospital
Topic of Interest: nutrition and intestinal failure

If you are interested in discussing any specific issue with any of the contacts above please email

Dates of upcoming SCE exams

SCE exam preparation can be daunting if nobody in “your team” is studying with you. Also material available is vast and you can get lost without guidance.
But in Scotland we are lucky to be a small group of registrars and there is a big chance we are going to work as consultant together, so I guess we are a team already!
Distance can separate us but we can share educational material, link to guidelines, suggestions for book in this blog: