Friday, 10 December, 2021

Book now for the upcoming SSG winter event. 

Call for Abstracts & Case Studies:

Abstracts are now open for the SSG Winter meeting on Friday 10 December and the deadline for submissions is Friday 22 October 2021. The submission form can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

In a change for the winter meeting, the meeting hosts are also for the first time inviting you to submit an "interesting clinical case" for selection for interactive presentation. Suitable cases might include unusual diagnoses and diagnostic or management challenges that will stimulate audience discussion. Your abstract should have a list of co-authors including a lead consultant similar to the research abstracts.

All submissions will be judged by the panel and two authors will be invited to present at the meeting.

As with the oral and poster presentations there will be a prize awarded for the best case study.


Booking is now open for the Winter Meeting:

Attendees have two options – to either attend in person or to attend virtually.

Registration is free for all current SSG members.