Thursday, 19 January, 2023

RCPE in association with SPS and RCPCH: Optimising Health across the Life Course
Thursday 19 January 2023

This joint symposium is sponsored by the RCPE in association with SPS and RCPCH, to celebrate the Centenary of the Scottish Paediatric Society.

The aim is to bring together colleagues from many areas of health practice, to consider ways in which changes and improvements to approaches to children and young peoples’ health might improve the long term life expectancy, and quality of life of adults of the future.

Evidence on what influences health in childhood will be presented, and how small investments in childhood make real changes to adult health.

Specific diseases where evidence for improvement already exists will be discussed e.g., Obesity, Cardiovascular disease, Respiratory and Gastro-Intestinal and Cancer risks. The significant importance of mental health and resilience. The contribution of social prescribing.

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