Thursday, 9 March, 2023

In collaboration NHS Lothian, Scotland’s representatives on the UK’s Rare Diseases Collaborative Network,  the National Endoscopy and Cancer teams we would like to invite you to an exciting educational symposium. 
The molecular characterisation of inherited colorectal cancer predisposition syndromes is now standard of care and the management of these syndromes has evolved considerably. This educational programme aims to provide essential background and key practical updates relevant to current surgical practice for the identification, diagnosis and management of heritable colorectal cancer disorders - including surgery and surveillance schedules.
The symposium will include management of patients with multiple polyps and pathways to incorporate genetic testing into your practice and surgical management of Lynch Syndrome and FAP. The impact of such syndromes on adjuvant treatment in patients that develop cancers will be discussed. Participants will also contribute to the development of an integrated Scottish National Registry and systematic approach to case-findings, surveillance and clinical management in the context of a national expert network.

Audience: Colorectal surgeons and gastroenterologists managing polyposis patients, clinical genetics, and advanced nurse practitioners. 

Venue:             STIRLING UNIVERSITY    
Cost:            No registration costs
Confirmed Speakers: Jennie Murray -Clinical Genetics, Kevin Monahan -Gastroenterology, Richard Wilson-Oncology, Malcolm Dunlop, Doug Speake, Farhat Din- Colorectal Surgery