Dear Colleagues

Sometimes it is only when we don’t have something that we miss it. Certainly that’s very true for the bi-annual meetings of the SSG. I’m sure we all miss greatly the face to face interactions and networking which our meetings allow. Our forthcoming meeting will be virtual and I’m sure it will be excellent but I really hope the winter meeting can be face to face perhaps with limited numbers.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that our trainees and nurses, who are the real future of our society, have been most affected by the pandemic and I’d personally like to thank them all for all their great work and flexibility they have shown over the last 12 months. I think we are all looking at new ways of delivering good patient care both now and in the future and sharing these new ways of working is invaluable and I hope the SSG can provide a conduit for this exchange.

I hope you will all register for the Summer  meeting and I look forward to meeting you all (hopefully) face to face in the Winter at Dunblane.

Keep safe and best wishes